It’s apple season, and the MOM children were learning about apples. And what better way to learn about something than experiencing it through all our senses! We matched real apples to three-part cards, dissected an apple and learned about the parts of it, made apple mosaics, traced the names of our favorite apples, and counted apples.

The afternoon class tasted six different apple varieties and wrote a poem about their observations.
For our weekly art presentation, we talked about apples in art. First, we laid out six different apple varieties on a rug. As we were laying them out, we pointed out their shape, color, how their shiny skin reflects the light coming through the window, and we even noticed the shadow each apple cast. Apples are wonderful to eat, touch, and look at – no wonder they often ended up on the canvas of many artists.

We looked at a collection of paintings by various artists (Cézanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Magritte, etc.) representing apples in their own styles. After discussing each artwork, the children had a chance to draw a picture of their favorite apple using soft pastels and pastel paper. It was fun to use the soft pastels as pencils, but it was even greater fun to use our fingers to blend the colors together and achieve a very smooth surface.

What greater way to end our apple studies than making apple sauce! The children worked very hard all morning chopping up apples for the apple sauce. The apple sauce was ready just in time for a special treat after lunch!

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