November 12 – Veteran’s Day – (MOM closed)
November 16 – Stone Soup Lunch – MOM closes at 12:45pm
November 16 – Food Drive – Last day
November 19-23 – Thanksgiving Holiday (MOM closed)

December 20-Thursday – (MOM closes at 11:45am-no lunch)
December 21-Jan. 4 – Winter Holiday (MOM closed)
January 7 – School reopens-Last day for re-enrollment. 2013-2014 non-refundable deposit due $1,000
February 13-Wednesday – Winter Performance 9:00am

Thank you all for attending the parent/teacher conferences. All the teachers really appreciate your input in getting to know your child. The information you share with us is invaluable in learning about and working with your child.

Thank you to all for joining us for our Halloween parade – Although this was the first parade I have missed in 27 years, I am sure there was a great turnout the costumes were terrific.

Celebrating Thanksgiving will be in full swing this week. The children will be making Native American symbol books, pouches for their papooses, lacing canoes, and more. Please read on for information about our Thanksgiving lunch.
As we begin this holiday season, let us know if you would like to share with us a holiday that your family celebrates.

On Friday, November 18, MOM will be celebrating our 27th annual Stone Soup Lunch. Stone Soup comes from a folk tale, which tells the story of three travelers who create a big feast by teaching the people of a small village the value of sharing.
The children all work together to make our own “Stone Soup” and the staff also supplies corn bread, cranberry relish and pumpkin bars.

We do need some parent help on this day. Please let us know if you can join us for this fun day. Please plan on being with us from 8:45am to around 11:30am.

This is a popular event and all parents are welcome to help but do need to come for the entire time. We are sorry but we cannot accommodate any siblings on this day. If your child does not normally attend on Fridays and wants to join us, he/she is more than welcome as long as a parent comes along. (Usually there is room for one parent of each child.)

Jobs we will need help with are: making butter, cooking soup, making hats, setting the table, serving food, cleaning up, and washing dishes. We will rotate the jobs.

Please check in the coatroom to find out what your child’s Stone Soup sharing is and sign up to come.

We would like to collect food to donate to those in need for the holiday season. If you would like to participate, please send canned goods to school by Friday, November 18. Thank you!

Every day before we eat lunch we take a calming breath and sing our lunch song.

All join hands and you will see, a family, community,
we are people, we are one.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! MOM