Please come to our 27th Annual
Winter Performance!
“Planes, trains, and things that go”
When: February 13th at 8:45am
Where: College Ave. Presbyterian
Church-5951 College Ave.

After party:
Please join us back at school to
celebrate the show. You can visit
with the actors and maybe get an

Sign up:
Please sign up at MOM to share some food.



February 12-TUESDAY Dress rehearsal 8:45am -11am
February 13-WEDNESDAY Winter Performance 8:45am
February 14-THURSDAY Valentine’s Day!!
February 18-22 Presidents’ Week (MOM closed)
March 13 Conference Day-Graduating class only (MOM closed)
March 22 (MOM closes at 11:45am)
March25-29 Spring Break (MOM Closed)
April 20 Garden Work Party 10am-1pm
New Student open house 9am-10am

January and February are great learning months. The children are usually very focused and concentrate well on their work. All the learning areas will reflect this, as the work is gettingmore complicated and challenging. The children are also eager to volunteer in a variety of ways: washing their table after lunch, helping the younger children with their work, running to get their friends ice if they have a boo boo, etc. Your children work hard all day long. Whether at play or work, they are learning to be kind to their neighbor and planet, embrace differences and explore new things.

Lastly, we have been working very hard on our upcoming performance—more info below.

DRESS REHEARSAL – Our dress rehearsal for the big show will be on Monday, February 13th. If you do not usually attend on Mondays, please have your child come to school from 8:45am to 11:00am.

MOM WINTER PERFORMANCE – “Planes, trains and things that go”
Wednesday, February 13th, at 8:45am (please be on time) is the date for our 27th annual winter performance. This is a full school day. Children must bring a lunch. PLEASE NOTE: To accommodate our large group, we will be holding the performance up the street at College Ave. Presbyterian Church—close to Dreyers. The staff, and the children are working hard to put on this memorable event and hope you can all come! Your extended family is also more than welcome. Please R.S.V.P. at school. Like last year, we will bring the party back to school and are asking parents if they would like to sign up to bring some food to share. For parents who can attend the party, please join us in the backyard of school. If you can’t stay, please let us know so we can watch out for your child. The concert will begin promptly at 9:00am. If you are late, just have your child join us on stage, but you will not want to miss a minute of this show.

*Special note, especially to new parents: Most likely this is the first show your child has been in. We hope it will be a fun experience for him/her and a memorable one for the parents. If for some reason your child decides not to participate at the last moment, we will ask you to come and get him/her and just watch the show. This is completely fine. We do not want to traumatize any child. Also know that the kids have had lots of fun practicing at school.

MOM’s corporate name is Montessori School of Mosswood Park, Inc. and our tax ID number is 94-3017309.

Soon, we will start our 2012-2013 Annual Giving Campaign. Last year’s donations were used to bring MOM into the information age. We were able to purchase a computer for the teachers, a large screen monitor for showing the children things that relate to our studies, an apple TV, and a new deluxe printer. We were also able to buy some P.E. equipment and some art materials. This is all thanks to current parents and parents who have come before you. When you receive our donation letter, please take into consideration that your financial gifts are crucial to the continued existence of this school. The overhead involved in running a small preschool, with a highly educated, caring staff, is very expensive and we have been extremely pleased with the positive responses that we have received in the past. We hope you recognize the value MOM has had in your child’s life and hopefully your own, and will support us in our one and only fundraiser of the year.

See you at the show! Sincerely, MOM

(See next page for Valentine’s Day information)

We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on Thursday, February 14th. Without being too commercial, this is a fun day for the children. When making your valentines: Please make sure there are enough for all children. There are a total of 33 children. Please include your child in the count. They like to put one in their own mailbox. Due to dietary concerns, some serious, please do not put candy or cookies in their valentines. Please do not address the valentines with the children’s names – it is too difficult to pass out. The sender should write his/her name on the valentine so the receiver knows who it is from. Special note: If your child has to make a special one for their best friend, please mail it instead of bringing it to school so we do not have hurt feelings.

(If your child does not normally attend on Thursday but would like to make cards, please bring the cards in before Valentine’s
Day. You may pick up your child’s valentines from 12:45pm to 3pm on Thursday or wait till your next day at school.)

Thanks for your help!

Sincerely, your MOM Staff