Tuition Assistance Procedures

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To apply for tuition assistance, families must complete and submit all applications and documentation no later than December 31.

My Own Montessori (M.O.M.) is committed to creating a school community that is accessible to children across the economic spectrum. To accomplish this goal, M.O.M. offers tuition assistance on the basis of its available scholarship funds and a family’s demonstrated financial need.

Tuition assistance is intended as a supplement to a family’s resources and is available to children of any race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, religion or family structure. The amount of available funds for tuition assistance varies from year to year, as determined by M.O.M.’s Board of Trustees. Only partial assistance is offered. Families must re-apply for tuition assistance each year. Because M.O.M. is small and available funds are limited, it is the hope that families receiving tuition assistance will contribute to the school in other ways (i.e., time, services, etc.).

M.O.M. uses an outside service for the initial screening for tuition assistance. School and Student Services for Financial Aid (SSS), an affiliate of the National Association of Independent Schools, provides this service throughout the country and to most Bay Area independent schools. SSS analyzes the financial data provided by a family and estimates that family’s ability to contribute to educational expenses. M.O.M. uses this estimate as one factor in making its tuition assistance decisions. M.O.M. may modify SSS recommendations to reflect its own financial resources, the local cost of living and specific family situations. Decisions regarding tuition assistance are within the sole discretion of M.O.M.’s Board of Directors.

M.O.M. generally prioritizes tuition assistance as follows:

  1. returning students currently receiving tuition assistance;
  2. siblings of returning students currently receiving tuition assistance and returning families that demonstrate a significant change in financial position since enrollment; and
  3. new students applying for tuition assistance.

To apply for tuition assistance, families must submit the following no later than December 31:

  1. to M.O.M., M.O.M.’s Tuition Assistance Application and a copy of the family’s most recent federal tax returns; and
  2. to SSS (, the Parents’ Financial Statement and all supporting documentation. Please note that there is a non-refundable application fee.

M.O.M. reserves the right to request additional documentation and/or information if it deems such information necessary to provide greater perspective on a family’s financial need.

M.O.M. expects all financial support available beyond the parents’ income and assets (i.e., assistance from grandparents and other relatives, outside grants, etc.) to be reported to M.O.M. and SSS. Families receiving tuition assistance are required to notify the Director(s) immediately in writing should their financial situation change.

Please make and keep copies of all submitted materials. All documentation will be kept confidential and secure.

Download Tuition Assistance Application

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