General Information & Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ages served: 2 years and 8 months through Kindergarten.
  • 6-to-1 student to teacher ratio in the morning program.
  • 4-to-1 student to teacher ratio in the afternoon program, pre-k, transition, kindergarten program.
  • Hours open: 8:00am to 2:45pm with shorter options in between: see our Tuition & Fees page or download an Application.
  • During the morning, MOM children move freely between inside and outside at will.
  • Each child brings his or her own lunch including a beverage. We supply a healthy snack in the morning and additional snacks in the afternoon.
  • M.O.M. teachers provide daily music and movement time, and a music specialist provides small weekly classes for the children.
  • Weekly Spanish classes.
  • Extensive art program: art viewing, art exploration, and art making.
  • The M.O.M. school year consists of ten months – mid-August to May/early June.
  • July summer school is also available.
  • Parent involvement: Although not required, parents are welcome to help and participate in their child’s activities at M.O.M.
  • Fundraising Activities: Parents are asked to participate in our Annual Fund campaign in the fall
Parents needing additional after-school care: MOM will do it’s best to help you network with other parents to help you fill your childcare needs, but we do not offer any after school care.

My Own Montessori is a proud member of the American Montessori Society.
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