At M.O.M. we emphasize the Montessori tenet of the prepared environment as a necessary element for the development of the whole child. We provide a stimulating, attractive atmosphere, guided by the interests of the children.

The school building is aesthetically pleasing and aids the child’s natural curiosity to explore and learn. Children are invited to move freely indoors and outdoors throughout the morning, which provides a healthy balance of cognitive, physical and socio-emotional development. We value social skills and academics equally.

M.O.M. offers a fully equipped Montessori program grounded in the Montessori foundational curriculum, complemented by beautifully handmade materials. These materials afford children concrete ways to explore and categorize their daily observations. We celebrate individual and developmental diversity. Our children enjoy working on their own as well as collectively with peers. Our mixed aged class encourages collaborative learning and this creates a very special feeling here at M.O.M.

My Own Montessori is a proud member of the American Montessori Society.
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