As our afternooners are developing their skills in all curricular areas, they are also expanding their ability to concentrate and stay engaged with a work over an extensive period of time.
The works they are choosing have multiple steps and may take several days to complete.
Although each work starts with a concrete primary presentation, once the children have mastered the primary presentation, they are ready to move onto more abstract extensions that require a higher level of dexterity, focus, and a solid foundation in the corresponding curricular area.
Working on the same project over several days develops a work ethic and a sense of commitment in the children. Many of these works are also small group works, through which the children practice their social skills, such as turn taking, negotiating, and taking responsibility for their part of the work.
When the work is finally completed, the children feel so proud of themselves! And this is when we, teachers, refrain from praising the children on the product, but reflect on how carefully they colored within the lines, or wrote their letters, how focused they were day after day, and how accomplished they must feel now.

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