Being able to witness the ever-changing role of a child throughout their three years in a mixed-age classroom, is one of the most wonderful experiences in a Montessori preschool.

When a child enters our school at 32 months, they are the youngest student who is learning by watching their older peers, engaging in parallel play, and accepting help and guidance from their older classmates.

In their next year, they will not be the youngest any more, but not the oldest either. They will happily help out their younger friends who are just starting school, but they will still be relying on their older friends in engaging in and completing more complex works.
Their horizons will open for more advanced social play and learning from their older peers about turn-taking, co-operating, negotiating, and problem solving.
In their final year, now as the oldest child, they will try on various leadership roles. It will be their turn to present works to their younger peers, help them along, and act as a role model.
Being able to take one’s time to experience all these roles as the child goes through a mixed-age Montessori classroom, provides the child with multiple opportunities to learn about themselves, build confidence, and appreciate their role and importance as a member of a community.

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