There is something very calming and satisfactory about sewing. Whether it is the fact that the children are trusted to use real grown-up tools, including a very sharp and prickly needle, a threader, and beautiful bright thread, or the process of pushing the needle in an out of the fabric to make a design, one thing is for sure, the MOM children love to sew.
We start with showing the children the tools and how to handle them safely. One of the most important lessons is how to get the needle out of its holder, how to thread it, and then how to put it away in its place when one is done.
Sewing a button on a piece of fabric is one of the first presentations.
From then on, the sky is the limit. We embroider shapes and initials onto a piece of fabric, add some colorful buttons, and we even have sewing projects connected to individual curriculum areas.
The children worked very hard on making their Earth cushions for our Continents of the World unit, or the kangaroo pouch when we learned about Australian animals.

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