We held our 36th annual Stone Soup Celebration!

Stone Soup comes from a folk tale that tells the story of two travelers who create a great feast by teaching the people of a small village the value of sharing. Since Stone Soup is about sharing, on this day, the children all work together to make their own Stone Soup.

On the morning of the event, each child brought something for the soup. Soon, our kitchen was full of delicious ingredients: potatoes, beans, celery, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, noodles, tomato sauce, peas and corn. As soon as everybody arrived, we rolled up our sleeves and began work.

Some children chopped vegetables, while others shook whipping cream into butter.

Some made festive napkin rings.
Some children arranged flowers into tiny vases for table decorations, and all children made pumpkin hats to wear for the feast.
Finally, the soup was ready and while it was cooling, we had a Stone Soup Circle to retell the story and act it out.
Remember, the most important ingredient for Stone Soup is sharing! And that is exactly what we did: we all sat down at our beautifully set table and enjoyed the meal that we all cooked together! Happy Stone Soup!

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