Art comes in many forms and shapes. It can be a masterpiece hanging in a renowned art museum, a piece of music played by a symphonic orchestra, but it also can be a hat crocheted by your grandmother or a delicious meal cooked at home.
At M.O.M., art viewing, art exploration, and art making is part of the children’s daily lives. Children have access to our art room and the various art media all day long.
Our weekly art presentations include a wide range of topics, from lines, shapes, composition, genres to examples of art from all over the world.

The objective of these art presentations is never the final product, but the process. It starts with art viewing, which includes looking at an art work, learning about the artist, talking about the technical details of the artwork, sharing feelings/ideas that it evoked in us, and relating it to our world.

When a child spends time “just” looking at an artwork – we feel we have achieved our goal.
Then, it is up to the child where they want to take this experience – hold it in their hearts, or use it as inspiration for their own art.

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