Our annual May Day Flower Delivery Walk was started by one of our beloved founders, Gena Lawrence. Gena wanted to share with the MOM children her childhood tradition of delivering flowers down her street as an act of kindness every year on May 1st.

On this day, we ask each MOM child to bring in a bunch of flowers to school. Many of them spend a lot of time in their back yard (or their local store) picking the right flowers for this special day.

During the morning, the children make bouquets with adult help and place them into the colorful paper cones they had decorated earlier in the week.
When all the children have made their bouquets, we start walking down Oak Grove Avenue and stop at each house and deliver a flower cone to our neighbors while we say “Happy May Day!”
This is a wonderful opportunity to show the children how heart-warming it is to bring joy to another person without asking for anything in return. On May 1st the MOM children perform an act of kindness and gain joy from making other people feel special and loved.

Happy May Day!

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