Taking care of our environment is one of the core principles of the Montessori Practical Life curriculum.

At MOM, the children share the responsibilities of taking care of their school. By doing so, they feel ownership of their school and belonging to their community.

The children keep the shelves tidy and they always put everything back where it was so that the next friend who wants to work with the same material can find it in its spot.
If there is a spill, the children know where to find the towel to clean it up.
Many of the works include tiny objects that sometimes scatter on the table or on the floor. There is always a broom at hand to clean up.
At this time of year, the children are not only able to help themselves to snack when they get hungry, but they also clean up their table and wash up their dishes when they are done eating.
In the art room, each child wipes down the easel after themselves so that it is all clean and ready for the next person.
They wipe their placemats and change the water for the water color tray so that the next friend finds them ready to do their art.
The children are motivated to keep their school clean and tidy because working and playing in a beautiful environment is inspiring and brings a lot of joy.

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