Our assistant teacher, Jamie, introduced vermicomposting at our school! We learned that vermicomposting is a method of using red worms to turn food waste into fertilizer.
We learned about the life cycle of the worm and what it takes to make a good home for the worms.
Over a couple of weeks, the children shredded paper, collected food scraps, and sprayed and turned the compost in our vermicomposting bin to make a good home for the worms Jamie had ordered.
When the worms arrived, Jamie read the children a book about vermicomposting, and then showed us the worms that just arrived in the mail. One of them somehow managed to escape from its box and was happily exploring our classroom. The children watched it with fascination!
The worms have been successfully transferred to their new home and have been making fertilizer for our planter boxes ever since. And the MOM children are now master vermicomposters – they tend to the worms daily and give them a lot of love!

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