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Weekly Notes for March 7-10, 2016

Weekly Notes for March 7-10, 2016   Monday:  AM:  We learned our new letter of the week -u- which has very few objects, but an interesting animal, the umbrella bird.  I confess I had to look this one up!  We do not have any classmates with a name that starts with...

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Weekly Notes: 1/22-29/16

Weekly Notes: 1/22-29/16 Friday Midday: Our art presentation focused on a traditional art form of the northern regions, like Alaska and Canada: called ‘Inuksuk’. Inuksuk or in its plural form Inuksuit, are renditions of a person that carries a message to passers-by by...

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Weekly Notes 1/18-1/21/16

Weekly Notes for January 18-21 2016 Monday: Martin Luther King, Jr Day MOM closed Tuesday: AM: We had an early circle so that I could show the children our special art project for the week, painting a real fish in order to make a colorful print. At first the children...

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M.O.M News for 12/7/15-12/11/15

Weekly Notes: 12/7/15 – 12/11/15   Monday Midday: It was a very exciting day for me: I started my week-long unit on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. Watching the Nutcracker ballet and listening to Tchaikovsky’s festive music is a heart-warming way of getting ready for...

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M.O.M. News for 11/30/15-12/3/15

Weekly notes: 11/30/15 – 12/3/15 Monday: Midday: It was so nice to come back to school and see the children’s happy faces! They all seemed to have a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with family and friends! Knowing that there are three weeks left until the break and there...

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MOM news for October 23 – 30

Weekly notes: 10/23/15 – 10/30/15 Friday Midday: In my weekly art presentation I focused on Piet Mondrian (1872-1944) and his art work. Mondrian was born in the Netherlands and he showed great talent for art from a very early age. He used to draw and paint alongside...

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Here is what MOM is doing for October 19 – 23

Weekly Notes for October 19- 23, 2015   Monday: AM: We started with our new letter of the week –f- and found many objects beginning with that sound. The animal is fish, and sadly, we didn’t find any friends at school with a name starting with –f-. Riley was happy...

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Cultural Studies 2015 – M.O.M. Oakland Montessori Preschool

CULTURAL STUDIES FOR THE 2015-16 SCHOOL YEAR As most of you know, a Montessori classroom is divided into five areas: practical life/daily living, language, sensorial, math, and cultural. Music, art, sciences, biology, botany, zoology, history, and peoples of the world...

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M.O.M. has a new website and Blog! Check out what’s new.

My Own Montessori, M.O.M, an accredited Oakland Montessori School, has a new website and blog. Our new website is mobile friendly, and has our updated schedule, calendar, and information about our Montessori school and programs. Our new site will feature weekly blog...

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January/February Newsletter

Please come to our 27th Annual Winter Performance! “Planes, trains, and things that go” When: February 13th at 8:45am Where: College Ave. Presbyterian Church-5951 College Ave. After party: Please join us back at school to celebrate the show. You can visit with the...

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Weekly Notes: 2/25 – 2/29 2013

Weekly Notes: 2/25 – 2/29 2013 Monday: Midday: I presented our new artist of the week, this time a musician, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. I told the children that Mozart was born in Salzburg and that he started playing the piano and the violin when he was their age. At...

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